Dates :

13/06/2019 - 20/06/2019

Area: Paklenica, Croatia


Fitness level      

Technical level

Planned tours:

  • Paklenica Gorge

  • Anića kuk

  • Trekking from Velika Paklenica to Mala Paklenica

  • Zrmanja Canyon

  • Via Ferrata

  • Climbing at Tulove grede

Would you like to try climbing on natural rock in beautiful surroundings? We invite you to a safe and fun climbing experience under professional supervision of mountain guides in the beautiful outdoor scenery of Paklenica. The Paklenica Gorge is the climbing pearl of Croatia. This area offers a variety of outdoor activities and provides an unforgettable adventure, whether you prefer short sport climbing routes, or longer routes in attractive big walls up to 350 metres high. Climbing and walking here is complemented by pleasant swimming in the nearby sea.


Day 1: Arrival in Starigrad.

Day 2: Paklenica Gorge

Sport climbing in the Paklenica Gorge. Accompanied by a mountain guide, you’ll be able to climb routes graded 4a to 6c.

Day 3: Anića kuk

We’ll ascend the great summit of Anića Kuk by trail and a via ferrata. You will enjoy beautiful scenery composed of the Velebit peaks on one side and the Adriatic Sea on the other. We’ll descend a different side of the mountain, passing under its imposing north face on the way down.  You can climb sport climbing routes on the way back.

Day 4: Trekking from Velika Paklenica to Mala Paklenica

We’ll walk from the canyon of Velika Paklenica to the canyon of Mala Paklenica (13 km).

Day 5: Zrmanja Canyon

We’ll visit the canyon of the river Zrmanja, where we can enjoy rafting or kayaking.

Day 6: Via Ferrata

The rock formations of Velebit are perfect for adrenaline parks. One such park, which is very close to Starigrad, is the Vaganec adrenaline park. With its hanging bridges and aerial runways, it offers plenty of adrenaline-filled adventures.

Day 7: Climbing at Tulove grede

Tulove grede are composed of fantastic rock spires, needles, towers and pillars. The famous movies about Winnetou were filmed here. We will climb multi pitch routes, from which we’ll make abseil descents.

Day 8: Departure from Zadar or Zagreb.


EUR 1000/client

8 clients/mountain guide 

The price includes:




EUR 1700/client

4 clients/mountain guide

 The price includes:



equipment rental

8-week training plan

coaching (8 Skype calls)

Not included in the price:

lunches, dinners


 extra beverages


airline tickets


entrance fees

equipment rental

8-week training plan

coaching (8 Skype calls)

 Not included in the price:

lunches, dinners


extra beverages


airline tickets


entrance fees

Equipment (rental can be arranged)


The basic equipment

  • Sun glasses

  • Sun cream and lipstick

  • Water bottle or thermo bottle

  • Toilletris

  • Headlamp with spare battery

  • Hiking socks

  • Pocket knife

  • ID and Alpine Club membership

  • Money

  • Silk sleeping bag

  • Band aid

  • Camera

  • Map

  • Backpack 30-40 l

Technical equipment for rock climbing

  • Trekking shoes for the walk

  • Climbing shoes

  • Harness with HMS carabiner (we give)

  • Climbing helmet

  • Rapel device with lock carabiner

  • Quickdraws

  • Self securing strap

Pictures tell a thousand words about the beautiful landscape, but the intense emotions of actually being there, surrounded by the mighty peaks, alone with your spirit and a million miles away from the crazy pace of the world, can’t be described. All I can say is that I’ll definitely be back.
— Rebeka Tramšek

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We are focusing on smaller groups of clients as we provide higher level of individual assistance. A very important part of our activity is to advise our clients on how to get a proper fitness condition and how to choose correct quality equipment for their safety. By doing so, we ensure the highest possible safety and comfort for our clients.

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