My first powder turns in 2015 on the new Dynastar Cham High Mountain 107

Today I went skiing with no big expectations. The weather forecast showed isolated snow showers which were supposed to bring a dusting of new snow to the resorts around Felhorn, on the border between Bavaria and Vorarlberg.


The weather behaved as predicted until noon, when clouds started gathering from the west, bringing first snow flakes. Together with my clients we went to the top tram station to get something to eat. When we left the restaurant after half an hour, more than 10 cm of snow had already fallen. Visibility was poor, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our first powder turns of 2015. For me it was the first time on the new 190 cm Dynastar Cham High Mountain 107. The heavily rockered skis proved to be very manoeuvrable and I had a great time skiing them in the little fresh snow that we had. They floated really well (although I will still have to test them in deeper snow), giving a sensation of almost flying. The snow was quite heavy lower down, but the skis still performed remarkably well, easily handling bumps and tracked-out powder. Combined with Marker F12 bindings, this is a very stable setup, but not the lightest. You'll be hauling more than 5 kg when skinning, but the excellent ride down will make it worthwhile. These skis, as all other Dynastar offerings, are designed in Chamonix, and their heritage is clearly visible.


This first mini dump of snow, combined with the new skis, made me feel like a child again, and another half a meter of snow is expected on Saturday. I can’t wait! I’ll try to capture some of the hopefully unforgettable moments with a couple of nice photographs, which I didn’t get to do today.

Danilo Tič