Wonderful December at the crags of Istria


While we’re waiting for the first proper dump of snow, the weather at the coast is perfect for rock climbing. Whenever there’s no fog, the crags at Črni Kal, Osp, and Glinščica warm to a pleasant 15°C or even more, which is warm enough to climb in a T-shirt. The atmosphere is even more pleasant due to the wonderful colours created by the rays of the sun, and one gets to really enjoy the moment.

While we’re climbing and enjoying the sun, the Alps have received the first dusting of snow. Despite being unseasonably dry, the mountains still have to be approached carefully, as it gets very cold during the nights. Ice axes and crampons are mandatory. The highest mountains should only be visited by experienced mountaineers, and everyone else should stick to lower elevations or choose one of our guided tours (Triglav in Winter, for example).

No precipitation is expected during this dry and very warm December, but things are expected to change in January and February, when you can join us on one of our powder trips in Austria or Chamonix. In the meantime make sure to get all the ski touring equipment you might need and have your skis checked and repaired before the first snow. Now is also the time to do any last-minute physical training.