Sport climbing at the island of Hvar

Hvar is a Dalmatian island with plenty of opportunities for all sorts of activities, be it sport climbing, deep water soloing, hiking, biking, slacklining over the sea, or kayaking.


It can be reached by ferry from Split or Drvenik, with Split being the more comfortable, but also slightly more expensive option. Sport climbing crags are located on the northern and the southern part of the island. The southern part of the island is home to the crags of Podstine (near the town of Hvar) and Šuplja stina, while the crags of Stračine, Velika Stiniva and Pokrivenik are located on the northern part of the island. The biggest of the island's crags is Šuplja stina near the village of Sveta Nedelja, which was equipped by Miro from Slovakia, who charges 30 kunas for climbing at his crag. Climbing at all other crags is free of charge.


The rock at all of the island’s crags is mostly very solid, and I’ve never encountered a snake here, although they’re quite common at other Croatian islands. There’re plenty of options for deep water soloing right next to the crag of Šuplja stina, where there’s a long barrier of sea-bound cliffs which are perfect for this type of climbing.

I’ve spent 12 days at Hvar this season, climbing mostly at Šuplja stina. It’s been really hot so we were forced to climb early in the morning, when the crag is still in the shade. It’s been too hot for climbing in the afternoons.


I think that Hvar still has plenty of untapped potential for sport climbing and multi-pitch routes, which is bound to develop as long as the ferry prices drop just a little.

Danilo Tič