Dynastar Mythic 97 and Dynastar Cham 107 2.0 2016/2017

As the first snow has fallen in the Alps, I’ve received two new pairs of Dynastar skis. This season I’m going to be skiing on the carbon Mythic 97 and the wider and heavier Cham 107 2.0.


Mythic 97 is a new ski based on two existing skis: the old version of the light, touring oriented Mythic, and the Cham 97. Since it features carbon construction, it’s much lighter than the Cham 97, while the dimensions have stayed more or less the same. A pair of 184 cm skis comes in at just under 3 kg, which is about 100 g lighter than the previous Cham 97 all-mountain model.


The old Cham 107 all-mountain and the new Cham 107 2.0 are very different skis. The new Cham 2.0 has a different design and is much heavier, weighing 4 kg for a pair of 183 skis. These skis are most suitable for freeride, lift-accessed skiing.


I intend to use the Cham 2.0 107 for ski tours that require no more than three hours of skinning, so I’ll be mounting them with heavier bindings. The Mythic 97, on the other hand, will be used for longer ski-tours. They’ll be mounted with Look HM 12 bindings, which are a rebranded version of the Dynafit Radical FT 2.0’s (1263 grams). I’ll write a more detailed review of both skis after I get to test them on snow.

Danilo Tič