Strange winter

I remember a couple of unusually warm winters during the late eighties, and something similar is happening this year in Slovenia as well. We’re experiencing high temperatures and very little snow. I’m currently working in Allgau and Vorarlberg on the northern side of the Alps, where warm weather temporarily ended in the beginning of January.


We were surprised by more than a meter of snow, which fell in a very short time. Day after day we skied excellent powder, but strong winds were common during this time, increasing the avalanche risk. Each morning we had to clean the snow from our cars, making it feel like proper winter again.

Towards the end of January, however, warm weather and spring-like temperatures returned. The current snow conditions are uncharacteristic for this time of the year, and avalanches of wet snow are sliding all over the mountains. The temperatures rise above zero during the day at higher elevations as well. While icefalls are collapsing back home in Slovenia, the snow here is quickly melting, and we’re all eagerly waiting for colder weather: in Slovenia, Austria, and in Chamonix, where Milan and Aco are waiting for some cold powder.

Danilo Tič