Avalanche airbag backpacks

Avalanche airbag backpacks save lives, as has been documented by the Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF). Out of 180 skiers who were caught in an avalanche and managed to deploy their airbag, 177 people survived, which is a significantly higher survival rate compared with skiers without an avalanche airbag.


All freeriders and ski-tourers who often ski in avalanche terrain would increase their safety by using an airbag pack, which should also contain a beacon, shovel and probe. Everyone should also regularly practice using their avy gear, so that they’re ready in case of an emergency. I’ve prepared an overview of five different packs which I’ve tested this season: ABS, Mammut, Ortovox, Pieps, and Black Diamond, and if you have any questions regarding avalanche airbag backpacks, feel free to contact us.

Danilo Tič