Searching for powder

This autumn has been unseasonably cold and snowy, especially in the mountains. The highest elevations (above 2,000 meters) had received a very early covering of snow, which had settled quite nicely, particularly on northern aspects. Numerous fronts were coming in during November and the season got off to a very early start.


We did our first turns at Rogla, while the snow was still falling. Milan still needed some time to recover from his trip to Nepal, but a week ago he already did his first ski touring trip above the valley of Logarska dolina, where he found excellent powder. We did the same thing on Wednesday as well, when many slopes were already tracked out and we also encountered some wind slabs, but with a little bit of effort, we still managed to find great snow. A new snowfall followed and on Sunday we returned to Okrešelj, trying to make the best of the last day before a period of significantly warmer weather. This time we were met with extremely strong winds, which had formed dangerous slabs on all aspects. Skiing from Okrešelj past the Rinka Falls was very difficult.

Selfie ©Matevz Rebernak.jpg

Right now, the conditions in the mountains are extremely dangerous, so the time is perfect for avalanche safety and winter travel workshops.

Danilo Tič