This winter so far

Towards the end of autumn, it seemed that a classic winter with plenty of snow was on its way. There was some precipitation, but unfortunately, it was followed by a dry period. With a little effort, it was still possible to ski, though, and conditions for ice climbing were excellent in Slovenia. But somehow I still have a feeling that winter hasn’t really started yet. I haven’t had many powder days so far, even though I’ve already skied quite a lot this season.


In the middle of January, I did some nice ski touring around Oberstdorf on the northern side of the Alps. We had some fresh snow, but nothing too substantial and considerable avalanche danger prevailed at higher altitudes. Although I was mostly ski touring, I still climbed some ice, despite a nagging shoulder injury.


I had enough time to thoroughly test the Dynastar Mythic 97 skis and the Look HM bindings in all types of snow. The bindings are quick and easy to enter and they are straightforward and efficient on the uphill. The whole setup is excellent for varied off-piste conditions, but the skis are slightly less suitable for extremely icy slopes. Compared with the heavier and wider Cham 107, however, Mythic’s lack of stability is more than evident, and the contrast is even clearer in deep powder.

I was also able to test many avalanche airbag backpacks during this first half of the season and I think that they’re still too heavy for long tours.


Danilo Tič