Snow conditions - Okreselj ( Logarska Valley)

Presek snežne podlage

02.01.2014  We wanted to go on Savinsko saddle and we test snow conditions in the middle of "Trihtarja" . Snow basis has not yet been stabile and we can talk about 3 -4 levels of avalanche danger on the 5 point scale. The Snow drifts up to 370 inches and was too dangerous for me. So I turned around. Okrešlja to I did great powder skiingback to Okrešelj..

Slopes under Turska mountain, Rinks and the crisis is crawled. At the end of the week the situation has improved.Hopefully.

I'm going to the Dolomites for 1 week. There is still room for two, we leave on Monday. Franc Pepevnik Aco (Photo Marjeta Brežnik)

Pod Turškim žlebom