Morocco 2014

Look at the heavenly scenery studded with countless stars I could not sleep. I waited on the comet , which every now and then crossed the sky and my mind with ever new desires. So I bivaque on the Sahara dunes . Stars and glimpses are filled my soul . In my mind I was getting in step with himself.

As a mountain guide , I again found himself in Morocco on my journey through time . Good company I shared with mountain guides Aco , Spela , Mojca , Thomas, Irene , Darja , Vida , Milena , Hussein , Mohamed .... Although the trekking routine planned , but we experienced some unexpected adventures. Three days prior to departure fell 15 cm of snow on Toubkal and the temperature during the day did not fall under - 10 degrees C. Nevertheless, we had slightly warmer conditions and we quickly climbed the highest peak in North Africa and enjoy the breathtaking views of the desert and lush East green meadows in the west.


Todra canyon was the complete opposite of cooler 4167 m high Toubkal area. We got the blood in the veins on excellent rocks , in addition, we were warmed on hot sun . After climbing it was a pleasant soak your feet in colder stream .


Every participant of this avature experienced its own story. Some of them were and will remain in the mind. Some of them were recorded by cameras . My photos you can see on the  Flickr!