Participants, who’ll be part of different expedition teams, will face a series of innovative challenges and strategic problems. All of the challenges are very entertaining and will bring new, fresh energy to your company.

To succeed, the expedition members will have to use skills that are invaluable in the business world as well: STRATEGY, STRENGTH, and TEAM SPIRIT.


The challenges include elements which increase working efficiency: determination, good communication skills, risk assessment, lateral thinking, quick decision making, planning, strategic solutions, and team work.

Attractive challenges, which have been inspired by expeditions to Himalaya, Andes, Greenland, and Karakoram are complex and require different skills:

  • PHYSICAL FITNESS (running, crawling, climbing, jumping…)
  • STRATEGY (logistics, decisions regarding communications, leadership, location of the base camp…)
  • CREATIVE THINKING (problem solving, mathematical problems, lateral thinking…)
  • Our EXPEDITION team-building programme is brimming with excellence at all levels – from the experience that we provide, to the attractive locations and first-class equipment. A new approach to motivational and team-building programmes, which is setting new standards in Slovenia.


EXPEDITION is an efficient team-building and motivational programme for companies, their employees, and their partners.

Participants will be divided into expedition teams faced with a series of unique and innovative challenges which will require them to step outside of their comfort zone and work as a team. The challenges are also very entertaining and they’ll bring new, fresh energy to your company.

EXPEDITION encourages:

  • replacing office settings for a natural environment
  • project simulations requiring creativity
  • cooperation and competitiveness
  • collaborative spirit in corporate environments


EXPEDITIONS are organized in the Logarska Dolina Valley throughout the year (also during winters), and can be carried out in bad weather as well (after all, expeditions can’t be stopped by a little rain or snow).


The programme consists of six main challenges, each allowing for two expedition teams to face off against each other. 12 teams consisting of 5-10 members can take part. For larger groups (+120) we’ll prepare additional challenges and adapt the scenario. Each team assigns a leader and individual members who are in charge of various tasks (food, hygiene…).


Each challenge is 30 minutes long (this includes explanation of rules, strategy planning and the challenge itself). Once a team has completed a challenge, they wait for the next round.

Expedition teams choose their own:

  • name
  • colour (coloured bands or printed t-shirts)
  • flag (before starting, each team paints their own flag which is then planted on the conquered summit)
  • 3-6 hours (depending on your specific needs)


The EXPEDITION programme has been developed by ALPGUIDE mountain guides with decades of experience in climbing and organization of expeditions in the Himalayas, Andes, Karakoram, and Tibet.

Our professional approach and innovative programmes are setting new standards in the field of high-quality motivational and team-building programmes in Slovenia.