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22/06/2020 - 29/06/2020

Area: Hohe Tauern, Austria


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In the realm of the highest mountains in Austria, Grossglockner, the highest point in Austria, awaits you!  

Planned tours:

  • Grossvenediger 3666 m

  • Grossglockner 3798 m

The challenge, the sun, the infinite glaciers and the smell of snow all blend together into a unique experience on this mountain so sacred to the Austrians.


Day 1: Meeting at the foot of the mountain

Early in the afternoon, you meet your guide and fellow teammates for the climb in Hinterbichl, which is a little village at the foot of Grossvenediger.

Day 2: Meeting at the foot of the mountain and walking to Defreggerhaus (2962 m)

After breakfast, you can “cheat” the first half of the long hike up by taking the "Venediger Taxi" - a van service most climbers resort to - up to Johannishütte at 2121 meters. On this day there’ll be no glacier walking. From Johannishütte it's a pretty walk up on the alpine hillside. The hike is moderately difficult; you should make it to Defreggerhaus in 2.5-3 hours. We’ll do an ice basics course and test our equipment on the glacier.

Day 3: Climbing Grossvenediger (3666 m), descent to Johannishütte

You will get up at dawn. You need to ascent 700 vertical meters to reach Austria's 4th highest peak. You will start the ascent with your headlamp on in the dark on a rocky trail. After about 30 minutes, you enter the glacier. Your mountain guide will rope you up and you will put your crampons on. However, you may start to feel fatigue, because you're above 3000 meters. Don't be afraid if you experience a small headache - it's normal, but tell your mountain guide about it.

After a 2.5-3 hour climb, you're on a narrow ridge leading to the summit. You are on the region's second tallest mountain, topped only by Grossglockner - you have an awesome view of Grossglockner to the east and it is our next target after this peak. After summiting, you descend to Defreggerhaus for a rest. It's quite likely that you'll be in time to walk back to Johannishütte (1-1.5 hour walk down) which is more comfy than Defregger with better food and the chance of a hot shower.

Day 4: Descent to the valley

You should get up at around 8-8:30 and take the taxi down to the valley to say goodbye to these magnificent mountains. You will sleep in or around Kals.

Day 5: Hiking to Stüdlhütte, 2802  m

You should get up at 8:00 and take a drive up to the parking space of Lücknerhaus. You’ll start walking at 2,200 meters and will need to tackle a vertical of 600 meters to get to one of the most modern huts in the Alps. This will take you about 1.5-2.5 hours. An indoor climbing wall and great cuisine await you at the hut. Do go to bed early, as the morning sees you leaving quite early. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you'll have accommodation in Stüdlhütte. You need to book very early (at least 2 months in advance) to make sure you do. Still, if there are no free beds at Stüdlhütte, we can sleep at another hut closeby, Adlersruhe.

Day 6: Summiting Grossglockner, 3,797 m

After an overnight stay and breakfast you start at around 5:00 from Stüdlhütte across the Koednitzkees glacier to Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte (3.454 m, 2.5 hours).  You climb up to the summit of Grossglockner at 12:00 to 13:00 ( 1,5 hours). Enjoying the panorama view from the top you descend the same route back. At about 18:00 you will be back at the Stüdlhütte. Celebrate at the hut in the evening!

Day 7: Descending down to the valley

Walk back down to the parking lot - it shouldn't take much longer than an hour. On your way down, your mind involuntarily begins to plan your next ascent of a 4000er. May we suggest Mont Blanc? You're fit for it after successfully summiting of Grossglockner.


EUR 1400/client

6 clients/mountain guide Grossvenediger

2 clients/mountain guide Grossglockner  

The price includes:



EUR 2100/client

4 clients/mountain guide Grossvenedige

2 clients/mountain guide Grossglockner

 The price includes:


 climbing equipment and safety-kit backpack

8 weeks training plan

coaching - 8 Skype calls

Not included in the price:

lunch, dinner and extra meals

soft drinks, beers, etc.

accommodation (BB)


cable car tickets

transport from and to airport

climbing equipment and safety-kit backpack are individually bookable

8 weeks training plan

coaching - 8 Skype calls

 Not included in the price:

lunch, dinner and extra meals

soft drinks, beers, etc.

accommodation (BB)


cable car tickets

transport from and to airport

Equipment (rental can be arranged)


The basic equipment

  • Sun glasses

  • Sun cream and lipstick

  • Water bottle or thermo bottle

  • Toilletris

  • Headlamp with spare battery

  • Hiking socks

  • Pocket knife

  • ID and Alpine Club membership

  • Money

  • Silk sleeping bag

  • Band aid

  • Camera

  • Map

  • Backpack 30-40 l


  • A Suitable all weather pants

  • A Suitable all weather jacket

  • Warm and comfotable functional clothing

  • Thermal underwear short/long

  • Spare underwear

  • Hiking socks

  • Cap/headband

  • Gloves

  • Sun cap

Technical equipment for alpine and summit tours 

  • Trekking or mountaineering boots

  • Harness with HMS carabiner (we give)

  • Mountaineering boots that can take the crampons

  • Ice axe

  • Extry ice axe for steeper ice

  • Gaiters

  • Climbing helmet

One of the most memorable trips I had ever had!
— Teo Korosec

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