The goal: climbing Triglav

If your goal is to climb Triglav in one and a half day, you won’t require marathon fitness, but you’ll have to be able to run for 2 hours or walk for 5-6 hours. Such a fitness level means that you can exercise at a high aerobic intensity for at least 1 hour without needing to stop to rest/eat/drink, as your body is accustomed to the effort and, what’s most important, is able to recover quickly. We’ve prepared training plans of various intensity and difficulty in order to give you the best chance of obtaining your goals. To embark on a tour without the required fitness level is a waste of your time and money. It may also put you (and us) under a considerable amount of unnecessary stress and risk.


Determine your current fitness level

  • How much distance can you cover in a 12 minute run?

  • How many stairs can you climb in 1 hour carrying a 5 kg backpack?

  • How many push ups can you do in 1 minute?

  • How many squats can you do in 1 minute?

After determining your current fitness level, we'll be able to recommend a route to the summit of Triglav that is the most suitable for you. There’s a variety of routes available, both hiking and climbing. But any ascent of Triglav, regardless of the route you choose, finishes with a difficult via ferrata, or requires you to climb one of the climbing routes suitable only for skilled climbers and alpinists. All the routes require excellent fitness and stamina, and good physical and mental shape also translates to increased safety. But since even the easiest route is very exposed and technically demanding towards the end, we discourage you from bringing along family members or friends who are not fit enough. It would be wiser to hire a mountain guide or start training, taking at least 6-12 weeks to improve your general fitness. If you don’t have the time or the knowledge to prepare your own training programme, we can prepare one for you. We can help you determine your current fitness level and prepare a training programme based on the results.


General Training Plan - Objective: Triglav in Summer

Goals: Developing a fitness level required for running ten kilometres or climbing Triglav in the summer. This training plan can also be used when preparing for easier 4000m peaks.

Program suitability: This training plan will help you reach a basic level of fitness which is required for easier tours (easy 4000m peaks, off-piste skiing, snowshoeing and trekking tours, weekend tours). For tours with big altitude gains (over 1300m of ascent/descent in a day) or days with more than 8 hours of walking, we’ve prepared the Mont Blanc training plan.

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