Do you want to climb Mont Blanc?

If you want to climb Mont Blanc this summer, now is the time to begin preparing and training. You can start by using our 6 week training plan for climbing Triglav (Here).


Three weeks ago, we already climbed Slovenia’s highest mountain. It was quite a challenge: visibility was poor because of low clouds and we encountered difficult snow conditions. We started on our touring skis from the Krma Valley, from where we skinned to the Kredarica hut (4hr); from the hut, it took us another two hours to reach the summit of Triglav. The clouds finally parted when we reached the summit ridge, giving us a glimpse of the sun and the blue skies.

We’ve prepared an excellent itinerary for ascending Mont Blanc; please feel free to check it out. As part of your training, you can use our 6 week training plan for climbing Triglav and join one of our training tours, like the one described above.

We’ve also developed a 12 week training plan for Mont Blanc, which we’ll be more than happy to share with you, just send us an email if you’re interested. If you decide to climb with us, we’ll monitor your progress and help you improve your fitness and performance.

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