Price: EUR 100/4 guests

  • individual course: EUR 400/1 guest

  • The price includes the rental of technical equipment: climbing harness, helmet, crampons, ice tools, rope.

Duration: 4h

The course includes:

  • Introduction to ice climbing equipment

  • Using ice tools

  • Using crampons

  • Movement on ice


Fitness level

Tehnical level


The glacial trough of the Logarska dolina valley is home to numerous waterfalls, which the winter cold often transforms into beautiful ice formations. Many of them are perfect for ice climbing, even for beginners. You’ll be given ice tools, crampons, climbing harness, rope… everything you need for a safe introduction to this beautiful sport. Then we’ll teach you how to use this equipment. And once you put on a helmet and gloves, you’ll be ready to enter the world of vertical ice crystals, which are formed from pristine clean water and have healing properties. This will be the perfect setting in which you’ll learn how to climb these magical, vertical ice structures.  We’ll try to show you the path to that lucid moment when body and mind work as one and moving over ice is pure joy.

Course requirements

  • Equipment: warm clothing, winter hiking boots, gloves

  • Guests should be over 18 or take part in the course in the company of their parents. All guests should have suitable medical insurance.



The price includes the rental of technical equipment:

  • climbing harness

  • helmet

  • crampons

  • ice tools

  • rope

It’s already over. And I have no words to praise our guides!
— John Kragelj

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Our courses, trekkings and expeditions have been tried, tested, altered and perfected over decades. We, IFMGA mountain guides,  have gained experience in the Alps, Yosemite, on expeditions in the Andes, the Himalayas and the Karakorum. Our knowledge and experience have been transferred to all spheres of  our organization, from the first call to safe return home.

We are focusing on smaller groups of clients as we provide higher level of individual assistance. A very important part of our activity is to advise our clients on how to get a proper fitness condition and how to choose correct quality equipment for their safety. By doing so, we ensure the highest possible safety and comfort for our clients.

We put a lot of attention to making reliable relationships with local partners (Sherpas, porters) and we treat them as members of our Alpguide family. We always asses risks and follow safety procedures that ensure safety of our clients, partners and guides.